Buying Men's Vintage Neckties - Save Money, Save the Planet & Look Great

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People buy vintage ties for a variety of reasons, to create a unique look, to wear authentic articles of clothing and accessories, and to enjoy styles no longer available, to name a few. Every generation enjoys a style of neckwear not ever worn before, and when fashion repeats itself, which it does, it is with refreshing results, borrowing from the old and merging it with the new. This has definitely been the case with skinny neckties, which were worn at the turn of the 20th century, again in the 50's and 60's, with a reprise in the 80's and again today. Yet another great reason to choose vintage over new is to contribute to a more eco-friendly environment, which helps to save the earth and doesn't hurt one's pocketbook, either.
Going Green by Recycling
Combine an every growing human population with limited resources to sustain everyone and you have quite a few people worried about what the future will bring. In response, many have decided to live a more environmentally friendly lifestyle, living in a way which reduces their carbon footprint. This includes purchasing clothing, bedding and flooring made from sustainable and fast growing bamboo, walking or bicycling instead of driving a car to work or for errands, carpooling, just to name a few examples. Another important and viable way to make a difference is to recycle, and by that I mean not just paper, glass and plastic. Recycling makes a positive impact. The purchase of used and vintage furniture, clothes and accessories such as men's ties helps to reduce the size of landfills. All of these are functional items, whether one sits on them or wears them, not to mention they add an eclectic finishing touch to one's home or outfit.
Vintage Neckties are Available at Reasonable Prices
Not all vintage items are cheap. In fact, many are downright expensive. It often has to do with supply and demand. Take 1940's Salvador Dali neckties. Very few still exist and to know that they were designed by such a famous artist doesn't hurt the pricing, either.  Of course, most of men's vintage neckwear is very reasonably priced. It may cost more than it did new 50 years ago, but for the same as new and in many cases for less, one can enjoy a wonderful piece of American textile history, perfectly wearable and in very good to excellent condition. Sometimes even dead stock neck ties appear on the market. They have never been worn and often have the original price tags, stickers or wrappers still attached. In most cases the only way to acquire a fashionable look is to hunt for vintage accessories whose designs have not been repeated since.
In conclusion, shopping for men's vintage ties is like winning a trifecta: what a better way for a person to freshen up their wardrobe, do good for mother earth and one's pocketbook!

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Buying Men's Vintage Neckties - Save Money, Save the Planet & Look Great

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This article was published on 2010/03/31