Why Buy Men's Vintage Neckties? Neckwear is a Hobby You Can Wear Everyday

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People will go to the local department store, mall or even look online for men's ties. Sometimes it is for themselves or a loved one. The last time I went shopping I went to a mall and checked out several anchor stores and smaller boutiques only to be struck by the sheer number of forgettable neckties. By the time I left, I really couldn't remember where I had seen a particular striped tie, for example, partly because the same neckwear was offered in several places. In fact, I remembered the nicely arranged carousels more so than the accessories themselves. Which brings me to one of many reasons why people prefer to go vintage: to stand out with one of a kind neck ties.

To Express Their Unique Sense of Style

With so many similar patterns and novelty themes available for purchase today, it is not unusual to come across another individual wearing the same or very similar accessory as oneself. By contrast, when going vintage, it is hard if not impossible to find the same necktie elsewhere, let alone on another person. Of course, neckwear has been produced by the millions throughout the 20th century, as it is today. For example, back in 1952, 191 million were produced in 40,000 patterns and in even more color combinations. Fast forward 50 years and relatively speaking, not many have survived. The ones in bad shape were thrown out and those that can still be found are not always in the best condition. But enough are, and they come in some very unusual designs!

Men's vintage ties provide a wonderful way for a person to express their individuality through their neckties. Whether the choice is to go with understated neckwear from the 20's and 30's, the bright and loud of the 40's, the skinny of the 50's and 60's, the wide common in the 70's or the designer logos popular in 80's, there is something out there for everyone. A person can choose to match an accessory with their personality and still enjoy the unusual fabric and patterns that only vintage items can deliver.

Combining the new with the old also allows a person to create an eclectic style all their own. Fashion designers know this all too well, which is why many of them borrow ideas from the past to incorporate into their seasonal collections.

To Collect American Historical Clothing and Accessories

Before a person knows it, they have a burgeoning collection of vintage ties which they of course love to wear, but which also represent a period of time in the historical development of men's clothing. As with other clothes, the added bonus is that neckwear can be both collected and worn! And it is not an expensive hobby! As already mentioned, while millions of neckties were produced any given year, not all survived, so every collection is unique and reflects the interests of the collector.

These are but a few reasons why people buy vintage neck ties. They present a unique opportunity to own vintage American textiles which also double up as wearable art! And with practically unlimited combinations of fabrics and patterns, they allow a person to achieve a look all their own, to refresh their wardrobe with some vintage pieces and still dress fashionably. Try them today!

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Why Buy Men's Vintage Neckties? Neckwear is a Hobby You Can Wear Everyday

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Why Buy Men's Vintage Neckties? Neckwear is a Hobby You Can Wear Everyday

This article was published on 2010/03/30